Jamaica Pond Poets
Metaphorically speaking....since 1995

Jamaica Pond Poets (photo below), founded in 1995, participates in a variety of literary activities each year, many in cooperation with other groups in the Boston area.
The group sponsors Chapter and Verse, a literary reading series directed by member Dorothy Derifield at the historic Loring-Greenough House in Jamaica Plain. Another member, Alice Kociemba, directs Calliope, a reading series in West Falmouth (Cape Cod), Massachusetts.

At the 2016 MPF, April 29-May 1,Jamaica Pond Poets read LOL poems followed by an open mike for others who read funny poems .(See Massachusetts Poetry Festival.) Jamaica Pond Poets is a Poetry Partner of the Massachusetts Poetry Festival.
Jamaica Pond Poets has read as a group at the Winter Solstice event at Jamaica Pond and at Forest Hills Cemetery’s Poetry in the Chapel Series. The group was selected to conduct a participatory reading at the both the 2012 and 2014 Massachusetts Poetry Festivals. 


Jamaica Pond Poets has purchased and donated dozens of poetry books by contemporary poets (most of whom reside in the Boston area) to the Boston Public Library and continues to do so. The books are kept at the Jamaica Plain Branch Library near the corner of South and Sedgwick Streets (near the Monument) on the mezzanine, and are available for check-out when the library is open. It is closed for extensive renovations until Spring, 2017.
The group has provided  assistance to the Friends of the Roslindale Library in setting up a reading series there, Rozzie Reads, that includes an open mic.
Jamaica Pond Poets meets every Saturday morning in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston to creatively comment on
one another's poems. Members of Jamaica Pond Poets (JPP) have all been published in literary magazines and several have won awards for their work and published poems and chapbooks (See About the Poets)

Group members also frequently read at various area events and give workshops as individuals. As of August, 2017, members include Mary Birnbaum, Dorothy Derifield, Carolyn Gregory, Holly Guran, Audrey Henderson, Susanna Kittredge, Alice Kociemba, Dorian Kotsiopoulos, Jim LaFond-Lewis, Jennifer Markell, Sybille Rex, Alan Smith Soto, Sandra Storey, and Gary Whited.

 For more information about the group’s availability, contact us. 

The Jamaica Pond Poets include (top row, left to right) Jim LaFond-Lewis, Susanna Kittredge, Sandra Storey, and Holly Guran (bottom row, left to right) Dorian Kotsiopoulos, Gary Whited, Jennifer Markell, and Carolyn Gregory. Not pictured: Mary Birnbaum and Alan Smith Soto. (Photo by Jeffrey Chasin)

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