Jamaica Pond Poets
Metaphorically speaking....since 1995



cats mewl at the door      
out then in then out again      
forgetting it's cold        
lying on his back        
purring as his belly's rubbed    
bites at me then runs      
ignored me all day long      
midnight's here, it's time to sleep    
now he wants petting      
sore gums - to the vet      
allergic to his own teeth      
pull them all - big bucks!      
bare spot in the spring      
where a costly plant had been    
was fine in the fall!      
May disappointment      
the rhododendron buds were    
eaten by squirrels      
expensive iron fence      
keep the garden free of dogs    
leash laws made it moot      
weeping larch in front      
supposed to be six feet tall      
became a shade tree      
resod the whole lawn      
mow and rake and fertilize      
mostly clover now        
in front of the house      
the dogwood has anthracnose    
still blooms ten years later      
wooley adelgid        
winter moth, aphids, beetles    
lovely, despite all        
I only wore it once      
And I'm a good customer      
Let me return it        
please let me come in      
I know you're about to close    
how does high-def work?      
working Christmas time      
six days, seventy hours      
customers want thanks      
product fine in store      
but it didn't work at home      
very frustrating        
wild turkeys attack      
gobbling and pecking - it hurts!    
I need pepper spray      
Cape Breton's Bras d'Or      
bald eagles soaring above      
soon becomes humdrum      
whistling in the house      
red cardinal flying around      
my cat brought it in      
saw my first wild owl      
just outside a friend's window    
right here in JP        
from the snow will grow      
a garden of chairs and cones    
now it's my space, mine      
quietly falling        
a blanket of puffy snow      
the pace of life slows      
hoped for puffy snow      
light and easy to shovel      
got wet and heavy      
shoveled out the space      
now it's mine and mine alone    
even when I'm out        
storms, drought, quakes, and more    
Mother Nature can be an      
abusive parent        

expensive tree bought      
decorated with great care      
January, it's mulch      
shopping for nice gifts      
fighting traffic and long lines    
more lines for returns      
another party        
so much cheese and cake and wine    
next year - lose the weight      
our beautiful tree        
with cats and loving sweetheart    
a merry Christmas      
The days grow shorter      
and yet, they're still much longer    
than in Spitzbergen      

Poetry Readings

the poets gather        
reading snippets of their lives    
for all to ponder        
in front of the room      
life's images are murmured    
hoping for an aaaaahhh      
poets read their works      
later, discussion and food      
chapbooks for sale here      
five syllable lines        
surrounding one of seven      
nature's enigmas        
what was I thinking      
reading in the freezing cold    
never written poems      
then came my epiphany      
now I write snarku      

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