Awards and Recognition:

2016 – Jennifer Markell’s poem “Blue Johnnies” won the Barbara Bradley Award given by the New England Poetry Club.

2016 – Gary Whited had a small collection of poems selected as a finalist for a Fellowship Award given by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

2015 – Jennifer Markell’s book Samsara was named a “Massachusetts Must Read Book for 2015” in the Poetry Category given by the Massachusetts Center for the Book.

2014 – Gary Whited’s book Having Listened received a silver medal at the 2014 Benjamin Franklin Book Awards given by the Independent Book Publishers Association.

2013 – Gary Whited’s book Having Listened won the Poetry Prize given by Homebound Publications.

2008 – Gary Whited’s poem “Farm,” (at the time titled “Remembering the Farm”) was selected as a “Plainsongs Award Poem” by the journal Plainsongs.

2008 – Dorothy Derifield’s poem “Hunting Season” won the Editor’s Choice Award given by Plainsongs magazine.

2005 – Gary Whited’s poem “Startled by Earth” (at the time titled “Before the First Word”) won an award given by the journal Atlanta Review.